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About Us

Our Founding Story

New South Angels was founded by UNSW Founders to help Angel Investors participate in UNSW startups.

We know Angels often miss out on the best deals.  A Founder seeking to raise over $1m in 8 weeks simply doesn't have the time to negotiate a $5 - $10k cheque.  Minimums of $25k - $50k are common.

We leverage our unique relationship with UNSW startups to secure allocations in the most promising startups.  Our members get exclusive access to participate in the startups they choose from as little as $5k per investment.

We only invest in startups that have gone through UNSW's entrepreneurship programs and in which UNSW has directly invested.

We're making sure our Angels get in before the VCs turn up.

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Quick facts

What is New South Angels?

New South Angels is 'angel investment syndicate'.  We establish SPV investment vehicles that invest in startups alongside UNSW.

Sign up to receive deal notes about raising startups and pick and choose which deals you want to participate in.

We only invest in startups that UNSW is also backing.

Why join New South Angels?

Quality deal flow.

We have unfettered access to leading startups as they progress through UNSW's various accelerator programs and only back startups that UNSW has invested in.

Members can invest alongside UNSW, ahead of everyone else.

Membership is free.

How is New South Angels structured?

New South Angels is structured a unit trust with a separate class of units for each investment.  When you invest, you will get units in the trust and the trust will invest in the startup.  When we exit a startup, the trust will distribute the returns to investors of the relevant class.

Will my name be on the startup's cap table?

No.  As a member, you will receive units in a trust that invests in the startup on behalf of all members.  The trust will appear on the startup’s cap table.

Is New South Angels run by UNSW?

No.  New South Angels is an independent Angel investment syndicate operated by Cache Investment Management Pty Ltd (ACN 624 306 430 AFSL 514 360) to invest alongside UNSW into UNSW startups.

We work closely with UNSW startups as they progress through the UNSW entrepreneurship programs and leverage our unique relationship with UNSW to secure exclusive access to compelling investment opportunities.

What is the minimum investment?

There is no commitment required to sign up and receive deal notes.

If you participate in a deal, the minimum investment is $5k per deal.

What are the fees?

It’s free to sign up and receive deal notes.

If you participate in a deal, the fees for that deal will be set out in the relevant deal note.

Fees are competitive with other angel syndicates in the market.

Will I get pro rata rights?

We will always seek pro rata rights if we are able to secure them from the startup, but you are never obligated to participate. You will never be required to pay more than your initial commitment.

Am I a 'sophisticated' investor?

We can only accept investments from ‘sophisticated’ or ‘wholesale’ investors in Australia or in equivalent in your home country.

To qualify as a ‘sophisticated’ investor in Australia, you will need your accountant to certify that you have net assets of $2.5 million or gross income of at least $250k in each of the last 2 years (sample).  The certificate must not be more than 2 years old.

Our onboarding and compliance team will work through this with you when you make your first investment.

Can I invest through my SMSF or family trust?

Yes. You can invest through your SMSF or family trust.

There will be additional onboarding requirements for these structures, as we will need to verify the identity of all the signatories, directors and beneficiaries that hold at least 25% for AML/KYC purposes.

Do you operate a portal to view deals?

No, we currently send all deal notes via email.

We will pass on any investor updates that we receive from the startup to you.  We will also pass on any requests from startups for introductions or advice.

How do I invest?

Click the button below to start receiving deal notes.

When you see a deal that you like, complete the form attached to the deal note and send it back to us with your investment amount and a copy of your passport or driver’s licence to verify your identity.

If we accept your investment, you’ll be notified by email.

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